uk tennis
Uwaga: ważne informacje

important information | важлива інформація

1. The courts are located at the GOSiR Stadium, next to the ice rink (next to the tin hall of the ice rink).

kort tenisowy lekcje tenisa piaseczno

2. TENNIS shoes are required on the courts (herringbone sole), or we accept shoes with a FLAT SOLE.buty tenisowe

3. FREE RACKETS and BALLS are in the black box on Court 2.darmowe rakiety i piłki do tenisa

4. The light turns on and off on court no. 2 (from the side of the embankment) – a white box.korty tenisowe sztuczne światło oświetlone

5. After the game, the courts MUST BE BRUSHED (the entire courts, including the runs at the back).siatkowanie kortu

6. Current CODE to open the courts::



He will also make sure you have brushed the entire court and turned off the lights.

7. If the game is interrupted by rain, please send a text message or call. Unfinished game time can be made up at another time.

8. If there is no service and you have questions, call: +48 790 41 41 41

9. Rules apply on the court – details

Enjoy the game 🙂