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Court addresses Tennis Pro Piaseczno

Tennis Pro Piaseczno Korty Stadion GOSIR

05-500 Pyasechno, str. May 1, 16

phone: +48 790 41 41 41

contact with the trainer: +48 789 123 325


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PRICE LIST - Court rental

  • One hour of play – PLN 60
    One hour of play – 50 PLN – when purchasing a pass – 10 hours. (500 PLN – valid until October 30, 2024)Free rocket rental.
  • Free rental of rackets and balls.
  • Catching up on the game when it’s raining.

Tennis Academy - Szamocki Tennis

Learning to play tennis for beginners and advanced players. Individual and group classes for children, teenagers and adults.

  • Individual training with an experienced trainer.
  • Group classes for children, teenagers and adults.
Пясечно тенісні корти

Are you looking for a perfect place to play tennis?
We offer you the highest quality courts:

Clay courts – Our tennis courts have been designed for complete comfort and optimal playing conditions. Both professionals and beginner tennis players will find an ideal place to develop their skills here.

Free rental of tennis rackets and balls – When booking a court, you can rent tennis rackets and balls for free.

Artificial lighting – Our facility is equipped with amenities such as lighting that allows you to play even after dark, and a drainage system thanks to which the courts are ready for play shortly after a downpour.
Friendly atmosphere – Our courts are not only a place for sports competitions, but also a space with a friendly atmosphere and nice community. Here you will meet tennis enthusiasts who share your love for this wonderful discipline.


Book your court now and join the TennisPro Piaseczno community!

We invite you to visit our courts and see for yourself why we are the best choice for tennis enthusiasts in the area. Book your court online or contact us by phone and our friendly staff will help you organize your tennis time.

Join TennisPro Piaseczno and discover the pleasure of playing tennis at the highest level


1. The courts are open from: 7:00-21:30, summer season lasts 01/05-30/10.
2. One hour of court rental means 55 minutes of play and 5 minutes for netting. The game starts at the reserved time.
3. Appropriate tennis footwear is required on the courts (fir sole or universal flat tennis sole).

школа тенісу україна
4. Court reservations can be made ONLINE: or, via applications for Android or Apple phones KLUBY.ORG or by phone 790 41 41 41.
5. Court fees should be paid before the game only ONLINE – via the KORTY.ORG system or by bliok 790 41 41 41
6. After paying for the season ticket, you must confirm your presence in the system.
7. Reservations can be canceled via the system or by phone 790 41 41 41.
8. The passes cover the days and hours indicated therein. Shifts are possible, but only within the hourly range specified in the price list.
9. The user personally waters the court, doing it evenly, without creating puddles and without causing any damage to the surface. After finishing the game, the user makes sure that the valve is closed. Any damage caused as a result of improper watering or other negligence is covered by the user.
10. The rules of culture and mutual respect apply on the courts. Conduct on the court should not disturb people playing on adjacent courts.
11. Activities that are not related to tennis (e.g. playing football) are prohibited on the courts.
12. Littering, drinking alcohol, cigarettes and other stimulants are prohibited on the courts.
13. The user of the courts declares that he has no health contraindications to practicing sports, in particular tennis. Tennis Pro is not obliged to check this point and is not responsible for any accidents resulting from this.
14. The user of the courts declares that he or she has read the Tennis Pro privacy policy available at: and fully accepts it.
15. The user is aware that the facility is monitored and consents to it.
16. The user of the courts declares that he is aware of his rights under the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of processed personal data and the free movement of such data, and repealing the directive
95/46/EC („GDPR”)”.
17. Tennis Pro declares that it is not liable for damage to property or consequences of accidents occurring to persons using the courts if the user does not comply with the provisions of these Regulations.
18. Tennis Pro reserves the right to change the booked hours to another date after consultation with the interested party (e.g. tennis tournament or technical reasons).
19. Tennis Pro is not responsible for items left on the courts or any damage caused to the GOSiR facility.
20. Users are prohibited from touching any electrical devices on the courts (electrical boxes with light switches, etc.).
21. Failure to comply with the requirements for using the courts specified in these Regulations entitles Tennis Pro to refuse to allow the user to use the court.
22. Reserving a court is tantamount to accepting these REGULATIONS.